ZUMBA! A live-tweet experience.

Everyone wishes to lose weight in time for the new season, and that’s just what I needed, too. Zumba at our local dance studio, Nutmeg’s Dance and Theatre Co., (and also my second home, if you remember), is just what you need for an extremely fun way to workout without even knowing it.

After leaving my house I was eager to start the process. I arrived and was sitting in the lobby after signing in. As I looked around, I realized that all of the women that had signed up weren’t there to judge. This was a no judgement zone (but not Planet Fitness..) that was all about having fun and getting jiggy with friends, while working out at the same time.

We entered the studio, and already there was music and mood lighting. We were all getting pumped for a workout. When else does that happen??

Side note: The picture was dark, merely because of the mood lighting. I was also rushing because everyone had already started moving, so I couldn’t edit too fast.. Whoops!

After the warm up and some high energy numbers, we were starting to sweat and really feeling the burn. Soon enough, though, I guess we hadn’t felt the burn enough. Nicola, the instructor, had asked us to grab toning sticks, or weights,  in order to really set our arms on fire. No matter.. that’s what we came here for!

Side note, round two: Enjoy my shoe and foot laying lazy on the floor… I was panting and trying to be artsy. Mood lighting still dark, but there’s all the brave souls who came! Also, three pounds gets heavy after holding them up for 4 minutes straight, while also dancing (or in my case, more like flailing them around.)

After, admittedly, suffering from severe arm muscle burning, we soldiered on with more cardio. I was glad I wore a tank top, or else I’d probably have had pit stains and back sweat (awkward). I was panting and dying for water, which I generously indulged in, and soon oddly, it had already been most of the class.

We finished up with one of my favorite songs right now, “Love On the Brain” by Rihanna, which is coincidentally the song to one of my favorite Youtube dances. Choreographed by Galen Hooks, it’s a must watch. But for now, it was our cool down song. I secretly imagined the choreography in my head anyway while stretching and easing my aching body.

After tweeting, I realized I hadn’t kept my hashtag consistent, although it was hard to tweet and try to make the dances on time. But I hope everyone gets my picture. I had such a fun time, and it’s always a relief to revisit my second home. #NewSeasonNewYou !!!


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