Becky Kahn: A UHart Story

As Becky Kahn’s time at the University of Hartford comes to a close, a look at how it began brings nostalgia to all.

hollywood sign

Becky is a second semester senior, cinema and communications major, member of Phi Mu, and lover of dogs, traveling to Hartford all the way from Los Angeles, California. But the question is, why?

Upon investigation, California schools are extremely exclusive, seeking out mostly students from elsewhere. Having applied to many other schools around the country, Becky finally landed on UHart, where she sought a more liberal arts education.

Ever since third grade, Kahn had been fixated on making her dreams come true to be just like Lizzie McGuire. Zooming through Hollywood was her ultimate goal, something she started to achieve in high school spending two years in the media arts.

She knew that these dreams would be something achievable at UHart, so landing on communications as her major was a big step in the process.

As her journey through the communication world grew longer, she learned that she had so many other opportunities in her field to make it in Hollywood in different ways. After being assigned a photo journalism project, Kahn realized she loved the editing process.

Kahn then added Cinema as part of her major, claiming that editing and filming was something she really enjoyed doing and could see herself doing in the future.

Being so far from home, Becky knew she wanted to feel a part of something, so joining a sorority was a no brainer. Her spring semester freshman year, Becky became an official sister of Phi Mu. “I would have transferred if it wasn’t for Phi Mu,” said Kahn.

Kahn was so happy with being a part of a new New England family, that her love only grew more when she was able to take a little, claiming, “I have a great relationship with my little.”

Kahn took on multiple E-board roles within Phi Mu, being the Historian and managing their social media, only continuing her education outside of the classroom. Not only was she continuing out of the classroom, but even out of the country.


Fall semester of her Senior year, Kahn studied abroad in London, England, which she fell in love with immediately.  Not only was she in love with the city, but she saw a little bit of the Hollywood lifestyle in London itself.

With everything that Becky has learned thus far in her college career, about herself, her sorority family and the incredible opportunities in her desired industry itself, she wants to take it home to her boyfriend, and his two chihuahua’s. Maybe even New York or another busy city across the pond.






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