Global Deforestation

I know everyone hears about deforestation. They are aware of the events that take place in other parts of the country, but not their own. It saddens me to see that this is such an overlooked aspect of what is wrong with the progress we have made as humans on this earth. I myself wasn’t fully aware of all of the issues we were having with deforestation until I decided to look it up.

But the truth is, it’s a lot to understand. Even when trees are cut down in the neighbors yard it upsets me. Why are you doing such a terrible thing? Are you going to replace those sad, cut down trees with new ones?

I realized trees are cut down for the most idiotic of reasons. Rainforest canopies are destroyed in order for farmers to move to new land, which creates large temperature differences that the animals cannot handle. Forests are destroyed because of logging and other horrible reasons, and in turn greenhouse gas emissions are up, as well as the way of living is truly disturbed.

This small infographic represents only some of the large problems we face in the name of deforestation. I hope it opens your eyes to the things we can’t see.

I think I’ll go plant a tree.



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