ESPN’s Great Talent Slaughtered in Layoffs

Wednesday, ESPN made some “difficult decisions”, as Jeff Jacobs puts it. Laying off 100 on air and online talents, ESPN is seen as “less of a leader” today due to the gripping and thriving talent they’ve decided to let go, due to the barbaric change in the way we view sports.

According to the New York Times Joe Drape and Brooks Barnes, ESPN is no longer impervious to the evolution of the digital world. Fatal unsubcribtions, by over 10 million, have kept Disney, their parent company, unsatisfied and quivering.

The cost of broadcasting has continued to go up, ESPN committing to many deals within the sports community. An eight year $15.2 billion deal with the N.F.L., a nine year $12 billion deal with the NBA, and a $7.3 billion for the college football playoffs among many others.

As Jeff Jacobs describes, so much of the content they play now on traditional broadcast television has become personality shows rather than the much preferred game stats. He explains that by almost noon he hadn’t seen the last nights NBA highlights.

Deciding to lay off so many of the essential talent such as Brett McMurphy, Dana O’Neil, Scott Burnside, Ed Werder, and Jane McManus, are all part of the fatal blow.

These people were some of those who were carrying ESPN when the first decline in Journalism set forth. Deciding they would scoop it under their wing and make it big again with the “E:60”, “30 for 30” and other fantastic journalistic endeavors.

No Tweets have been made from the ESPN account grieving their losses or difficult decisions, but many of the employees have been very vocal about the decision.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.33.09 AM.png





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