My name is Jen Miles, a senior (yikes) at the University of Hartford, and Public Relations and Advertising is my game.


First off, if you want to know anything about me, you should start by watching this Royal Family video on YouTube. I watch it almost every day, and that is most likely going to be a tab that will be open as I create this for inspiration (and sass). But now to know where I come from.

Having never wandered far from home in my short 21 years of life, I am from Granby, CT, one of the most boring and unique places you’ll ever come across.

Throughout elementary, middle and high school I was a dancer at the wonderfully underrated Nutmegs Dance and Theatre Co. This was my second home, my time with my seemingly second (and much more chill) parental figure, Nutmeg.

This was the place where I went to cry about stupid boys and act like I was untouchable to the rest of the world. It was the place I went to express myself through movement in the midst of the sweaty foot aroma that we all grew immune to.

I graduated in 2013 from Granby Memorial High School with the desperate urge to create a new persona, as all young graduates do. Therefore I was determined to make Uhart my new home. Admittedly, though, this plan didn’t work all that well, as I’ll tell you..

My dancing didn’t stop when I graduated from High School. My freshman year I joined the University of Hartford Dance Team, where I met my greatest friends thus far in college. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, although I did trade my uniform in at the end of my junior year.

For a short three and a half month period during my sophomore year, my exploring brought me to Limerick, Ireland, one of the most exceptional places I have ever been. My time there also allowed me to visit London and Rome, however, these three places were not enough to satiate my European curiosity. I still hold hope that I shall someday get to romp about Europe once more.

My senior year I made the easy decision to live at home, in the great territory of the Granby Bears. I don’t want to make it seem all that bad, though. The beauty and quiet ease of Granby constantly surprise and flower around you, but there is much more to be explored!


However, before exploring, I must finish my degree, and with that comes the purpose of this very website. It is meant to interest you of anything that may bring you joy, curiosity, entertainment, and shed light to the minute details of life you never once thought of acknowledging.

Guided Momentum is brought to you with the idea that perhaps I can provoke thought in your college manicured brains through mediated platforms. The idea that everyday things can be dynamic with more perspective than what they appear on the surface.

As I write this “About” page on WordPress, I honestly haven’t thought of what exactly I will present to you in terms of content. A little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice, powered by a lot of coffee, maybe some tea, and more chocolate than a normal human should consume. I only hope guide your momentum.