Nutmeg’s: Better than the movies

This past weekend, hugs were given and puffy eyes cried at Nutmeg's Dance and Theatre Company's presentation of "Nutmeg's At the Movies." May 5&6 from 7 p.m - 10 p.m. marked the day's these dancers have been working eight months for: Nutmeg's at the Movies. Nutmeg's Dance and Theatre Company is a non-competitive studio located in … Continue reading Nutmeg’s: Better than the movies


Global Deforestation

I know everyone hears about deforestation. They are aware of the events that take place in other parts of the country, but not their own. It saddens me to see that this is such an overlooked aspect of what is wrong with the progress we have made as humans on this earth. I myself wasn't … Continue reading Global Deforestation

The life and journey of Ron Bouwer

When Ron Bouwer was just three years old, he came to America for the first time. Now living in Granville, Mass., with his wife, Robin, Bouwer works at a small, run-down, yet reliable hardware store called Interstate Building Supply in Southwick, Mass. "I was born in Holland," said Bouwer, coming on either the QE1, or … Continue reading The life and journey of Ron Bouwer

ZUMBA! A live-tweet experience.

Everyone wishes to lose weight in time for the new season, and that's just what I needed, too. Zumba at our local dance studio, Nutmeg's Dance and Theatre Co., (and also my second home, if you remember), is just what you need for an extremely fun way to workout without even knowing it. After leaving … Continue reading ZUMBA! A live-tweet experience.

Consuming Social Media… Kind or Cruel?

We've all fallen for it. Social Media has consumed our lives, thoughts and actions creating an unfathomable fear of being accepted in a cyber world. Yes, there are many careers, well-beings, and philanthropic advantages to social media, however, at what cost? One of the reasons everyone so easily signs up for all of the social networking sites in … Continue reading Consuming Social Media… Kind or Cruel?